Promotional Items For Small Business Promotion Marketing

custom braceletsSmall business has the need to promote their particular line of products and services whether they five employees or one hundred and fifty employees. Utilizing proper selection of promotional items is an important step. Distribution of the items can be even more important, that is as to the method and how well one takes advantage of the time spent with prospects or even established customers or clients. Keeping within the marketing budget for your promotions also is a component of business marketing that is ever present in successful small business promotion. Aligning and applying these factors to produce the desired result which is obtaining new customers and retention of existing customers while preserving relations is our goal.

First let us explore some of the do not's so that unprofitable mistakes are not made from the lack of experience.

Usually the first inclination is to be cheap. Notice that word, cheap, not frugal, but cheap. Do not be cheap. Attempting to supposedly save a few bucks and distributing junk that no one will ever use much less appreciate thinking that you have now got your name out there is foolish and a total waste of your marketing dollars. One good rule of thumb is to ask your self, would I use and appreciate this item to gain or keep my business?
You will get back as good as you give.

Do not select an item that is not appropriate for your target market. Business people do not use and appreciate promotion items that are not useful in their day to day work environment. Do you really think that the corporate purchasing manager you are calling on really wants a plastic water bottle? Will he or she ever even use it one time much less retain it on their desk for daily use? Ask yourself if you really desire results or am I just fooling around.

Do not think you can carry around and hand out large bulky items for distribution to your prospects or customers.
If you are anything like the greater ninety percent of the rest of small business America you may have a brief bag or brief case to carry around your business essentials. Just how many thirty two ounce water bottles can you carry? Not many is the answer and in addition can you just see yourself fumbling around spilling out the contents of your business bag in front of the client bottles going every which direction, oh I got one, here is your gift item.

Pressing forward, small business promotion need not be a daunting prospect if you follow some simple guidelines.

Do be frugal but take into consideration the amount of business contacts you are going to market as well as the amount of existing customers you are going to market with promotional items. Since generally speaking the lesser expensive per unit items are generally available in minimum orders of five hundred units at a dollar or less each you should be prepared for a minimum five hundred dollar spend. You might say I don't have five hundred prospects and customers. That is fine we will outline items that have a shelf life of a year or more.

Do select a promotional item that will be functional and offer quality to the recipient, such as promotional pens which will be in use constantly and are affordable. Use a brand name pen such as a Paper Mate. Pens printed with your logo and contact information will be utilized daily. Pens can be used as a stand alone promotional item or you may increase the presentation exposure by including a note pad to go along with your promotional pens. Custom note pads have a much larger imprint area to accommodate all your marketing information are inexpensive, have a long shelf life and are a easy to distribute item as well.

Pens and note pads are promotional items for small business marketing that are within budget reach of any business, easy to distribute, have an extended shelf life, used daily in the business and appreciated by the prospects and existing customers alike.

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