Error Messages Can Be Managed By Identifying The Cause

Getting perturbed by a Windows Stop Error message on a blue screen is certainly a cause of panic. Not only do these messages hint at hefty recovery steps and huge bills, but also at loss of your data, which might be worth a lot more. But, if you know how to resolve them yourself and perform NTFS data recovery, then, it is certainly worth trying. Let us analyze one such error message, and learn how to resolve it and perform NTFS file recovery.

can whatsapp messages be tracedConsider having received the following error message on an NTFS formatted Windows based computer:

'Stop 0x00000024'

The first step to resolve is to find the cause of the error. This can be done by analyzing the four parameters that appear. The first parameter informs of the source file (the first 4 hexadecimal characters after 0x) and line number (the last 4 hexadecimal characters of the parameter). The second, third and fourth, respectively have the address of the exception record, context record and location where the original exception occured.

Do check for Error messages in Event Viewer or AutoChk. In case a device or driver is causing error, you will be able to isolate the issue.

Disable virus scan, disk defragmenter, backup programs that constantly check the computer. A Hardware diagnostics tool may also be run.

Run chkdsk /r to resolve file system structural damage.
Non-paged pool memory depletion may also lead to such a problem.

Lastly, corrupt system or data volume that is NTFS formatted can also give this error. In case the error pops-up when computer is restarted, or when Recovery Console or Setup is run, the reason behind the error cannot be analyzed.

In case the error is caused by the last reason, try one of the following:
Since the system partition has NTFS file system, it might be corrupt. Disconnecting other disks having NTFS volume helps isolate the problem disk. Once done, the same can be attached to FAT file system computer and chkdsk can be run on it with the /f parameter. This should sort the problem.
In case, another system is unavailable and you do not have another partition to install FAT file system upon, perform chkdsk with the /p parameter.

But if all the above methods fail, then delete, re-create and then format the partition.
After the reformat, if you have a valid and updated backup, then just restore data from it, else use a third-party NTFS data recovery software to do this.

Stellar Phoenix NTFS Data Recovery Software is a read-only, user-friendly application that has been designed specifically to handle data recovery from NTFS formatted partitions. This NTFS Partition Recovery software is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP and 2000.

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