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Everyone who regularly works with data stored on a remote FTP server knows just how time-consuming and inefficient the process is, particularly if they are working through a Web browser rather than a dedicated FTP client. However, even a standard FTP client tends to be slow and unresponsive to the extent that uploading and synchronizing multiple folders full of file manually quickly becomes a practical impossibility. If part of your daily routine involves keeping files up to date on remote FTP or SFTP servers, or you're paying someone to do the job, then you'll be glad to know that there's another alternative. With FTPGetter Professional, you can now automate FTP and SFTP transfers to ensure a faster job with minimal risk of human error causing harm to your data.

Advanced Functionality for Demanding Users

The user interface of FTPGetter Professional will be instantly familiar to anyone who has experience using a regular FTP client. The intuitive program demands no steep learning curve, allowing users to take advantage of its functions straight away. However, this is a powerful tool with an extensive array of functions, including features for more advanced users with more specific requirements.

FTPGetter Professional features a terminal emulator, allowing users to connect to a remote server and execute commands using a familiar command-line environment. This feature makes it possible to remotely execute a range of commands, navigate directory structures and perform various file operations.

Another powerful tool is the shell script editor, which allows advanced users to create complex automated tasks with just a few lines of code that only takes a few minutes to execute. For example, users can create a single shell command for consolidating multiple files in specific directories into a single compressed archive for downloading in one hit. This process, for example, is far quicker than downloading each file individually, as one normally has to do with a traditional FTP client.

Full Automation Made Easy

Ultimately, FTPGetter Professional is designed to save time and ensure that data integrity is preserved during and after all file transfers. Once you have set up your automated tasks using the wizard-driven task scheduling utility, you can simply leave the program to do the hard work for you. For example, you can configure it to automatically check for new file creations on either the local or remote server a specific number of times per day and update them as necessary so that both copies are always kept current. The program will detect new and updated files automatically, uploading and downloading them on the schedule you define.

To further boost the efficiency of your workflow and minimize bandwidth consumption, you can also take advantage of file masks and batch processing. For example, file masks allow you to tell the program to only look for specific file types, such as documents, ignoring the rest when it carries out its automated routine. Using file masks, you can also create batch processing jobs that flexibility adjust the list of files to transfer as required.

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